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2020-2021 School Year

Click here to visit our Back to School webpage to find information regarding the 2020-2021 school year. We will continue to communicate with families and our community as decisions are made.

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR 
Last Updated: August 11, 2020 
Stay updated on all information about the upcoming school year. This page will be updated as decisions are made.
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•  Kickoffs - All kickoffs are virtual this year. Building principals will send information through email to families.  
Stoplight Update - August 7 

Our Restart Task Force committee is meeting regularly to plan for the safe return to school as well as alternative learning options that allow for flexibility and continuity if there is a need to move to remote learning or a hybrid model during the upcoming school year.


We are using a stoplight system to identify the alternative options:

 Green: Learning environment is on-campus

 Yellow: Hybrid model of on-campus and remote learning

 Red: Learning environment is completely through remote learning

New alternative:  

  Sylvania Alternative Learning Academy - See update from email 8/11 (PDF) (RTF)

The goal for 2020-2021 is to begin the school year on time with our students attending daily classes in person. 

Our district recognizes the value, importance, and best practices of face to face teacher to student instruction. However, we understand and appreciate that the current COVID-19 crisis may prompt some students and families to choose an alternative educational system for the 20-21 school year. 

The Sylvania Alternative Learning Academy for the 20-21 school year will serve as a non-traditional instructional option for students and families grades K-12 who choose 100% remote learning. Specific details and enrollment information will be communicated next week.

Sylvania Schools will continue to provide ongoing information to our parents and learning community as specific decisions are made

District-Wide Communication

Additional communication may be sent from principals and teachers. 
• June 5 - Email (PDF) (RTF)
• June 8 - Presentation slides to the Board of Education - 2020-2021 Restart Taskforce Update (PDF) (RTF
• June 8  - News story and interview with Dr. Veronica Motley, incoming superintendent, regarding the district's plan to start the new school year (LINK)
• June 29 - Board of Education meeting with Reset & Restart update (LINK) update begins at 12:30 in the video  
• June 30 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - introducting the online-only learning option and further defining the Red, Yellow, and Green plans
• July 2 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - link to Governor DeWine's guidance for restarting Ohio schools
• July 7 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - Transportation Commitment for the beginning of the school year. 
• July 7 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - Sylvania Alternative Learning Academy information (SALA) and registration link
• July 7 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - SALA enrollment deadline extended unil Sunday, July 26
• July 10 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - Details regarding Transportation & Learning Plans
• July 13 - Email & text (PDF) (RTF) - Announcing the July 21 Town Hall
• July 15 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - Announced that the district is currently moving to the Yellow plan.  
• July 16 - Link emailed  (LINK) - Submit a question for July 21 Town Hall
• July 16 - Document emailed (PDF) (RTF) - Shared general practices agreed to by the Lucas and Wood County Health Departments and area school districts
• July 21 - Town Hall (LINK) - watch the Town Hall on YouTube (starts at 17:15 on the video).  The Town Hall started with this presentation (LINK).
• July 22 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - Link to the 7/21 presentation and next steps. 
• July 23 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - SALA enrollment deadline extended to 7/31 and commitment is now a semester.
• July 28 - Email  (PDF) (RTF) - Recommendations for the Hybrid learning plan (Yellow) that will be presented to the Board of Education meeting along with reminders for families.
3rd Grade Blended Learning Example (LINK
•  August 5 - Board of Education meeting 
Blended Learning Presentation including High School Example (LINK)
3rd Grade Blended Learning Example (LINK)  
• August 7 - Email (PDF) (RTF) (LINK) -  The district is currently moving to the Remote Learning (Red) plan for the beginning of the school year.    
• August 10 - Board of Education meeting (Link to view)
Athletics presentation (LINK)
Remote Learning presentation (LINK)
Email (PDF) (RTF) - Board decision regarding fall athletics
• August 11 - Email (PDF) (RTF) - SALA enrolled students will begin the year with classmates in remote learning. 


Learning Environment Plans (PDF) (RTF)
District Stoplight Flyer (PDF) (RTF)
2020-2021 Calendar (LINK)   
Ohio Schools Restart Guidance (LINK)
Summer Boost (LINK
Shared General Practices by local health departments & area districts (PDF) (RTF
SALA (100% online learning)
Information  (PDFRTFLINK) - Enrollment is now closed for Fall 2020
Have a question? Email us at
2020-2021 Transportation Commitment Form (LINK
 Enter 00000 if you do not have your child's student number

New Student Enrollment
All new student registration (preK-grade 12) is done through our district office. Click here to find the information you need to begin the enrollment process.
• June • July 
Please call ahead and make an appointment if you need to visit a junior high or high school office over the summer.
Elementary Schools
Our elementary buildings are closed during the summer after June 12. The office staff in each building will return on Monday, August 3. Student Services is available if you have questions about enrollment (419-824-8581 or

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