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Northview High School

College Application Process

Plan Ahead

Look at the dates/activities on the College Prep Pathway link in order to stay on track.  Each year has suggestions on tasks you should do to prepare for post high school.

During your senior year, you will be applying for colleges or pursuing other military/career options.  If you intend on attending college post graduation, review the outline.

Create a calendar of deadlines for yourself.  Several of the popular colleges that our students apply to have an early action deadline of Nov 1 or Dec. 1.  This would include getting your teacher/counselor recommendations submitted by that date.  Please allow your teacher and counselor a minimum of 2 + weeks to write a recommendation for you.  Poor planning on your part may result in not obtaining the recommendation.

College materials will be mailed/uploaded by your counselor.

  • It is suggested that applications be submitted by the end of November.
  • However, look for deadlines for special admissions and scholarships that might be earlier in September or October.
  • Submit all of the following to your counselor at one time.
    • Counselors form and/or credit form, if required.
    • Envelope addressed to the admissions office of the college along with postage. Do NOT include return address. (Only if transcript cannot be uploaded)
    • Include 1 stamp for every 3 pieces of paper plus 1 for counselor information. (Transcript & profile)
    • Completed Northview Transcript Request form.
  • Allow at least one week prior to college's deadline for your application to be processed at Northview.
  • Prepare all materials thoroughly, thoughtfully, and creatively.

Common Application or Online Application Process

Many colleges have shifted toward only online applications or through the Common Application system.  You will have to search your desired colleges and go to their admissions website to figure out their process.


Common Application-

  • If your college uses the common application system, they will have a hyperlink to this website.

  • You will create an account and it will link you to all the colleges that you are applying to that use the Common Application.

  • Read over the information in the common application very carefully. It has valuable information.

  • Pay attention to each school's deadlines.

College Credit Plus

*Please note that Colleges each have their own process to admitting students for the CCP program.

University of Toledo

Owens Community College

Lourdes University

Bowling Green State University

Application Checklist

  • College Essays- Get feedback before you submit, essays can be crucial

  • Teacher letters of recommendation

  • Activities resume

  • Counselor recommendation

  • ACT/SAT Testing Results

  • Application fees (fee waivers are available if you qualify)

  • Deadlines

College Essay Help

Essay Help (PDF) (RTF
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