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Sylvania Schools

K-12 Enrollment

Welcome to Sylvania Schools!
Online Enrollment the 2021-2022 school year begins February 1st, 2021
If your student is not in our district this year, and you are interested in receiving updates from your principal, please complete this form and then continue on to the enrollment process.
Kindergarten (click this link to receive Kindergarten information from your principal)
Grades 1-12 (Please proceed to the enrollment process)

Enrollment Process (video here) 
The online enrollment (K-12) process involves 4 easy steps. 
  1. Create OneView Account
  2. Submit your registration forms online through OneView
  3. Schedule your appointment online @
  4. Due to COVID-19, registration appointments will be done via the phone (instead of in person).  Please see additional documents in the "Forms and Documents" section (left) and this announcement.
Online Enrollment Procedures 

This process is for NEW students only. If your child is currently enrolled in Sylvania Schools, you will be directed to complete the Returning Student Registration Verification through One View sometime in the summer before the school year starts.

If your student is a RE-ENROLL meaning they left our district and is now coming back, it is considered like a new registration and should follow the same Enrollment Process as a new student and submit the same required documents.

KINDERGARTEN:    To attend Kindergarten in the fall, your child must be five years old on or before August 1st, and you must reside in Sylvania School District.

Please click here to start your online registration.

               register now

After you complete the online registration form, schedule an appointment with Student Services through the online calendar. Appointments will be done over the phone due to COVID-19. At your scheduled appointment time, we will be calling you at the number listed on the calendar. Please make sure you are available during your scheduled time to conference call so that we can stay on time throughout the day.

Parent/guardian should submit the following documents:

  • Original Birth Certificate—If you do not have an original, you may obtain a certified copy of one through the Toledo Lucas County Health Department, Vital Records Department at 635 N. Erie Street, Toledo, OH 43624. There is a fee for each requested copy. They will make a certified copy for you while you wait, Mon.-Fri. 8:00am-4:30pm or call them at 419-213-4100.
  • Parent’s photo ID—Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport. Also, any paperwork showing a parental name change due to marriage, re-marriage, or divorce must be presented. 
  • Proof of Residency—You must complete the Residency Verification & Affidavit Form and provide the following: Download the Residency Verification & Affidavit Form.  
    • If you own your home, provide a Current Utility Bill in the parent’s name.
    • If you are purchasing a home, provide a signed Purchase Agreement/Closing document (General Warranty Deed), a Current Utility Bill within 60 days after moving in. 
    • If you are renting a house/apartment, provide a current signed Lease Agreement and a Current Utility Bill within 30 days.
    • If you are building a house in the district, provide a signed Building Contract showing an estimated completion date (valid for 90 days after 1st day of attendance). A Current Utility Bill within 30 days of moving in. 
    • If you do NOT have proof of residency in your name, and your residence is with another family in the district, notarized Sec C of the Residency Verification & Affidavit Form is required along with a Current Utility Bill in the district resident’s name and a piece of significant mail such as a paycheck stub, W-2, other government document, or bank statement with the parent’s name coming to that address. 
  • Proof of Custody—If the child is not living with both biological parents, then you must provide one of the following documents:  
    • If parents are divorced, provide a court file/date stamped and signed copy of the complete court document (divorce/disillusionment decree including a shared parenting agreement, or other court determination of custody) per RC 3313.672(B)(1). 
    • If legal custody has not been established the petitioner must present a filed stamped motion for change of custody. The petitioner has sixty (60) days from the time of enrollment to produce a Journal Entry or Judgement establishing custody proceedings. 
    • If someone other than the parent has been given legal guardianship or custody of the child, then you must provide a copy of the file stamped court order transferring custody. 
    • If Foster Placed, please provide the following: 
      • Interim Order with hearing date listed
      • School Notification Letter from County 
      • Journal Entry with School District responsible listed 
  • Immunization Records—For 1st time Kindergarten students, please provide the Physical Form (5 year check- up) with Immunization Record from the doctor and the Optional Dental Form.  Kindergarten Health Forms can be downloaded from the website.  

    For any new or transferring K-12 student, please provide immunization records if available or they can come from the previous school of attendance.

  • Special Education—If a child is receiving Special Education services, please bring a copy of the Current IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and Current Evaluation (completed every three years) that made your child eligible for special education services.
  • School Records—We will request your child’s records from their previous school. It is helpful if you can provide an unofficial transcript or the child’s most recent report card.
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