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Sylvania Schools

Our District

Quality Education is a priority in the Sylvania area. This community boasts an excellent school system and an outstanding university.

Families move to and stay in the  Sylvania community for its outstanding public school system. Sylvania Schools is a comprehensive K-12 program serving nearly 7,800 students through seven elementary, three junior high, and two high schools. The district incorporates a rigorous course of study, exceeding state and national standards. Implementation of Ohio’s New Learning Standards and a digital learning initiative provide the personal attention that empowers a diverse student population, beginning with preschool and all-day kindergarten programs and culminating with college-level AP and authentic career technical programs. Throughout Sylvania Schools, students with unique needs, including physical and learning challenges as well as advanced cognitive gifts, enjoy a support system tailored to their needs.

Sylvania Schools goes above and beyond those basic requirements of public education through its incredible diversity of academic and extracurricular opportunities. Students in Sylvania can enroll in special gifted and talented education programs from grades three through eight and take advantage of 25 AP classes in the two high schools. Many high school students complete college-credit courses through articulation agreements with local colleges and universities. Students also compete in extracurricular programs from junior high to high school in a variety of over 50 programs. Student-athletes compete in 25 different varsity sports. Perhaps most impressive is the range of career technical offerings at Sylvania Schools, where students work in authentic environments to study career fields such as cosmetology, robotic engineering, medical technologies, and computer programming. These career technical programs often help students earn professional licenses, hold internships, and compete in career-based extracurricular activities. This range of opportunities demonstrates the district’s commitment to serving each student at his or her interest and ability level, moving beyond the mere fundamentals.

The Sylvania Schools mission is “Preparing students to be life-long learners and engaged citizens.” This is accomplished through the core values of Innovation, Diversity, Achievement, Collaboration, Leadership, and Integrity. These values help support the district’s vision to be an exceptional public school district that teaches and inspires students to contribute to society in meaningful and compassionate ways.

Sylvania Schools will continue to empower each student to succeed.

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